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© Allan Henderson 2010


© Allan Henderson 2010

The work featured here is a selection of images from the reflections series. The series comprises prints, sculptures and video installation.

The starting point for reflections were video studies taken on the River Thames near Henley and in Venice. In the work I explore how the personality of the water’s surface interacts with the environment it reflects back. Geographical location, time of day and seasonal variation all impact upon the images that emerge and dissolve.

These complex reflections are mesmerising portraits that reveal the richness of taking a moment to pause and observe, as the water plays host to an ethereal dance.

reflections prints and short film video

Water Dance. 10 minute short film.

The 3 looped clips above show 20 second examples from the film. The images blend slowly into each other with the video exploring this interplay. Produced on Blu-ray and as a Pro-Res computer file

Signatures of Venice I, 2010. (Gondola Pole, St Mark’s Square)
framed print 800x800mm edition of 10Signature_of_Venice_l.html