contemporary fine artist.

sculpture, video, photography, painting and drawing


© Allan Henderson 2010


Signatures of Venice I.

(Gondola Pole, St Mark’s Square) framed print 800x800mm edition of 10

Water Dance.

(20 second looped clip from a 10 minute short film. produced on Blu-ray)

“My creative intent is to make art which challenges, intrigues and connects with people. The quality of the idea married to the execution is a key dynamic in my work. How my ideas are developed is determined by the optimal way to represent them, whether as sculpture, video, photographs or painting. My work seeks to look forward and push boundaries, in the generation of ideas and new ways of seeing the world. Living and working in Henley, I am particularly inspired by the water, by both the moments of tranquility that onlookers enjoy and the endeavour of the athletes that strive to master it.”