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abstract sculpture

                                                          Still Life Lampstand,                                                                                      Guitar,

© Allan Henderson 2010

The two sculptures featured here were developed in 2008 from ideas during my time in France whilst studying for my first degree. The challenge I set myself, was to revisit the sumptuous visual language of the Cubists. One of the

greatest movements in the history of art, it may seem

presumptuous to do this, however, in my view Cubism retains an exciting potential that has not been fully explored in sculptural terms. My intent during the

development of these pieces was to create wholly three dimensional sculptures, that flow and are visually resolved in the round. Within these sculptures I also wanted to explore the use of fine materials so that each element had a high level of attention to detail. Many people have remarked on how rhythmically the pieces flow, and rhythmic movement is a key theme that has linked all of my work. Click the photos to see more images of each piece.